Whale Safari Part 2 Featured on SoundCloud Ambient

It was a great discovery this morning, that my latest track, Whale Safari Part 2 now is featured on SoundCloud, Ambient section. This is absolutely a step in the right direction. Really hope this is opening up for more of my music in the future. Earlier this year, Restless Peace has been played on «Synthopia» and also been featured on «Revival Synth.» Many thanks goes to Andrew and Andy, who has supported Pard Elektronica a lot! Most appreciated.

 Youtube image HD Deep dwellers and the horizon of surface lights

A new year!!

Many thanks to everyone who has listened, supported and become my friends in 2013!! Most appreciated. It is simply wonderfull!

2013 was the year Pard Elektronica was established as a brand. In this very moment, I have 1632 followers on SoundCloud, 592 followers/fans on ReverbNation, 411 likes on the official FBsite, and 547 followers on Twitter. That is amazing, and would not be possible without all support I have received.

My music is free to listen to. I hope to have one album ready by summer 2014, and will ned tons of support if that happens. I feel 2014 will be a much better year than 2013, and I hope that counts for all my friends and followers.

So, thanks for 2013, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!! I wish all of you can experience happiness, success and thousands of hours listening to music!

Best Regards
Roald (Pard Elektronica)

My recent project

So far, I learn something everyday. As I learn more, I expand the potential inspiration. I see no border, only the horizon, which is growing day by day.

Recent release on SoundCloud and ReverbNation, is second part of Whale Safary. My best project so far, with plays on «Synthopia» and profiling on Revival Synth, Restless Peace. But the collection of costal inspirational tracks «costal activity» has been rewarding, including Whale Safari. My latest upcoming track «Analog sea» is taking my music into the analog realm, even if the music is fully digital (everything is digital at the end.) It will mark a definite end to the costal activity for now, containing four tracks.